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Welcome to the official webbpage for the Eternity Warriors game group

Our Intention is that the whole site should be in English. However, becuse of the frequent updates, and the fact thay we are Non native english speakers. It is mostly in swedish.
But, if there is a sectionthat you get particularly interested in, just contact us, and we will translate it for you.

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Now, lets get into what Eternity Warriors are all about

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Eternity Warriors is a group that is involved in Gaming. Primarily RPG in different forms, but also other kinds of games. Our main game is Cyberpunk, or perhaps a game based on Cyberpunk is more correct. Over the years we have brought quite a few changes to the game, so it now has little to do with the original. 
We are contantly adding to the game in order to keep it up to date.

The page is intended to be useful both for those that are members of the group, and for visitors.
All that share a intrest in RPG should be able to find something of use here.
If you find something intresting on the page. Feel free to adapt it for your own game. However, the information that is published here, is Official information. With that i mean that it can change very fast.

Om ni är inne på en del av sidan där det finns bidrag från andra skulle både de och vi uppskatta om ni besöker dem. Genom att ni gör detta kan vi fortsätta att få in dessa och på så sätt göra sidan mer intressant.

För er som är medlemmar och saknar information om era characters så kommer denna inte att läggas ut. Det står för personlig information om dem för det. Dock så är det bara att skicka en mail till mig så kommer ni omedelbart att få den senaste informationen om dem. Annars så är det ju som ni vet bara att titta i era mappar nästa gång som ni är och spelar.

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